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Do your exercises where and when it suits you - through a tablet with motion sensors that guides you flawlessly through every stretch and bend.

SWORD pairs you with a physical therapist, who’ll create a program just for you, adjust it as you progress, check in with coaching and advice, and chat with you anytime through the app.

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SWORD helps members overcome both chronic and post-surgical pain in the six areas where it happens most.

Before, my pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep. Now… I’ve completely stopped my medication. It really has changed my life.

Sara, chronic low back pain

The power to heal, from home.

Virtual physical therapy programs proven to help you overcome your back, joint or muscle pain at home.

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of members complete their weekly sessions

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better performance when compared with conventional physical therapy

less pain after 8 weeks

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We take our clinical credentials seriously. Our digital therapist is clinically proven, backed by research, and loved by the media.




Available to you and eligible adult family members who are enrolled in the Learning Care Group-sponsored Aetna medical plan, at no extra cost.

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